Managing Your Job Search


In our opinion, individuals should protect their resumes like their cash.


Firstly, your resume contains enough information that others can steal your identity - so circulate it only to those you trust.

Secondly, your resume is your own personal promotional document - so circulate it sparingly, thus retaining its impact.

Finally, you need to actively manage recruiters to ensure your resume is never sent anywhere without your explicit permission. A common scenario we see is when a recruiter mentions they have a relationship with a company and takes this as permission to send your CV to that company. To us this is unacceptable and, if you genuinely care about your personal brand, it needs to be unacceptable to you too.


If a recruiter, or anyone for that matter, is going to make an introduction on your behalf it is imperative they specify exactly to whom your CV is being sent (i.e. company name, individual’s name, job title and why it is being sent). Doing this avoids any potential conflicts and most importantly allows you to remain in control of your job search.

Sadly we have seen individuals miss out on great opportunities when they have not controlled their job search - so keep a clear list (in a spreadsheet perhaps) of when and where your resume has gone to avoid potential disappointment.

ResourceMiriam Murphy