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You only get one chance to make a first impression so make your resume so compelling it ends up on the ‘must interview’ shortlist. 

The internet has massively increased the number of applicants received by both recruiters and companies alike, meaning your resume may be reviewed in 10 seconds or less before a decision to shortlist or reject is made.  

Remember to keep it succinct, less is often more and draw the reader’s attention to the things that will excite them most about your fit for the role.

Below is a link to a resume template that we feel works well in making a positive first impression.

Rules to follow (please):  

  • 1 page is fine but no more than 3 pages

  • Content should be in reverse chronological order

  • Utilise the page & ensure there is plenty of white space  

  • Use bullet points to specify quantifiable & verifiable achievements

  • If it’s a selling point get it on the resume. Ie: you were in the top 5% of your class

  • No pictures or photos

  • No logo’s or graphics

  • Always spell check and proof read multiple times

  • Allow someone independent to review it.  They will see errors before you do. 

  • Make sure your contact details are front and centre on page 1.

Remember, a resume is a pitch/sales document solely aimed at securing an interview – it is you who then secures the job by bringing this to life at the interview.

Finally, and absolutely essential to be aware of, the second impression someone gets of you is through a LinkedIn, Facebook or an online search - so please make sure your online presence reflects how you want to be perceived in the real world.

Download a CV template

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